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O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good for His mercy endureth forever. Praise Him for His mighty acts.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -PSALM 147:1
The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   -Rabindranath Tagore

A global metamorphosis is evident in the realm of pedagogy today, gone are the days of long talk and the piece of chalk. The world has changed dramatically in the recent years and continues to change at the push of a button. It is impertinent to make Student learning more authentic, relevant and rooted in Indian tradition and yet contemporary in approach.

Howard Gardener’s research established the theory of multiple intelligences individuals have more than one intelligences and incorporating/integrating all intelligences in the learning process maximizes learning potential. Opportunities for continuing education on job has been our earnest endeavor extended to our staff to equip them to embrace the framework of multiple intelligences, not only to impart knowledge but to develop skills and shape attitude from the formative years (rote Vs. applied learning).
Stalwarts in the field of R&D of education such as Dr. Ken Gnanakan, and.Dr. Dennise with their expertise on the ways brain functions, in the learning process and on Integrated Learning have been at the helm of our academic affairs.
Inspired to bring about at a difference the integrated learning program has been designed holistically and monitored closely by the heads. Keeping the end goal in mind we have strived hard at creating a friendly physical learning environment not confining it to adults (teachers and parents) but (peer learning). Timpany is founded on the premise that every child is unique and gifted. The layout of the physical place encourages encounters, communication and relationship in a fearless and friendly atmosphere. The arrangement of learning spaces and learning corners encourages freedom of choice and inspires new discoveries in the process of learning.

At Timpany the child is the center, and full of inborn potential. Teachers are like potters who mold, This school can be aptly called as the potter’s place where “n” number of beautiful vessels of beauty and honor are developed with the freedom for a child, to be a child and yet flourish in a fearless and friendly atmosphere. This relationship is often strengthened by active participation and various initiatives of the parents too …
The students start their journey from the world of self to that of a social being by being exposed to various aspects of social life. This is a school that learns, for Learning is life long .. As is well said “show meand I may remember, involve me and i will understand” … Only then the children are consumed by curiosity, creativity and confidence. The children this year were exposed to all kinds of new dimensions of life. While concentrating on academic skills we coincided Teachers’ Day, sports Day, Cultural Day etc which were a sumptuous tradition fest. (Parents, students and teachers participated enthusiastically). And for our Christmas celebrations, our very own stars of Timpany who sing and dance and also give solo performances are an enthralling and feet tapping experience to end the calendar year

We not only give an opportunity for the parents to have an experience of exploring their children’s vibrant and contemporary learning progress; but involve the grandparents too. This was done on the grandparents’ Day where their little ones showcased their talent. Amateur perhaps but professional, viewed through the eyes of the adoring older generation. Yes, we have eased their burden of monotonous learning by exploring the world of entertainment, in front of the most appreciative audience in the world. Apart from art and talent, one must mention our Field trips which have been very educational to such an extent, that students go back home overflowing with the joy of experience.
Children have needs. Each child is born different and unique. Every child has his own ‘in-built’ timetable to reach within a specific time frame … to be an adult some day! In the process some are clumsy, awkward, confused, have a poor concept of time, poor organization skills, even failure in basic skills, extremely sensitive and so on and so forth. The child needs structure and order, it is innate … and it is only the adult ,we teachers and parents in tandem, who can help himor her, this can’t be stressed more!
Discipline is inborn in every living creature it is not taught nor is it handed down. Sadly, some where down the line, it changes depending on circumstances and the kind of exposure the child gets. Discipline is based on love not fear! Discipline goes hand in hand with freedom. It needs to be guided and helped. If the adults amidst whom the child lives behave as if they have to clothe the child with self designed discipline, they might be breaking him instead of helping, make the child into the future citizen, he is struggling hard to be! It is a fight for survival! Discipline needs to grow and develop rather than be imposed. This, in its true sense, is “education” …. rather than the 3 R’s learnt at school!.
To play, to dream with the freedom to flourish, growing up with the right values to build social confidence, Being contemporary and yet nurturing Indian Traditions, Exploring and experiencing the rich environment which does not stop children from being children.
EVERYTHING COMES TO US THAT BELONGS TO US IF WE CREATE THE CAPACITY TO RECEIVE IT.                                                                                                                              

  -Rabindranath Tagore

“May God bless this our institution with true love, sincere service to humanity and glory to God.”

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